The New Building

A new home for the Bradley community!

This is the most exciting part of the project. Friends of Bradley Park charity have already secured almost £200k to build a 395 sq metre modular community building and associated sports facilities which will serve as a community venue and changing facilities. Rental from the building will be used to cover maintenance of the whole site. We are a charity so are not looking to make a profit.  The new building includes changing facilities, activity/function hall, kitchen, storage, office and a multifunctional meeting space/room that will be rented to the community.  There is potential scope for the kitchen to be run as a “Community Cafe” providing a range of drinks, light snacks and main meals throughout the week and at weekends whilst the playing fields are in use.   Below you can see the design of the building and an idea of what it might look like. (Click to enlarge the picture).



Who will use it?

The whole building will be used by the community and rented to community groups such as fitness groups, local interest and social groups on a first come first served basis.  The Bradley TRA and the Out of School Club will move into the new building from the outset and use it to host all their activities.  Regular sports teams will use the 3 sports pitches and changing rooms for formal matches again.  The existing council depot will be available as secure storage for community groups such as the Bradley Brownies and Guides in addition to holding our maintenance, sports and events equipment. Finally the new building will be the new HQ for Friends of Bradley Park charity group and the open space will be used to host our large annual community events.

Where will it be built?

We are building on the footprint of the old changing rooms. This is to take advantage of the existing electric gas and water connections that are already there! Relocating the building was studied in depth but this is not an affordable option.  The chosen location next to the playground and sports pitches also represents the best siting for the café and after school club who plan to use the building from the outset.

We have worked hard to get the very most out of the funds available. We are committed to bringing bigger and better facilities to Bradley Park as finances allow.

When will it be open?

We plan to open the new building in early 2018. Check on progress here.

Bradley Park – community owned and community sustained!